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Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier Released Today

At 2 p.m. on November 6, the Mijia fresh air fan will be officially released. In this morning's preheated poster, the new air fan's real capacity will appear for the first time, like a millet air purifier.

The new posters show that "the average price of the new fan industry is over 10000 yuan, which is difficult to install. What about us? Simpler than installing air conditioner, today's purchase of exclusive surprise price." There is no doubt that this Mijia fresh air fan will come up with a high cost-effective killer mace, and easy installation, strong performance (the previous text shows that "window closing can also breathe, 26 times a day, continuous use of PM2.5 tends to 0").


Previously, millet has launched a series of products aimed at air pollution, including millet air purifier series, masks, vehicle air purifiers and so on. Especially millet air purifier series products, once launched, the original clean market with an average price of more than 5000 yuan has been turned upside down and successfully stabilized. 

Compared with the air purifier, the new fan can ventilate air in addition to purifying the air. We all know that when we use air purifier, it is actually the internal circulation of the indoor. In the long-term unventilated environment, indoor carbon dioxide will rise, which will easily cause stuffy and dizzy phenomena. Fresh air is continuously transported to the room to ensure the clean indoor air and keep the oxygen content. Quantity.

Because of its principle of "micro-positive pressure", wall-mounted fresh air is introduced into the indoor "squeeze" to move the original polluted air. At the same time, it can also ensure that outdoor polluted air can not penetrate into the indoor through the gap between doors and windows. Finally, it can achieve the effect of purifying indoor PM2.5 to 0.

In addition to the essential difference between PM2.5 and air purifier, the effect of fresh air fan on removing indoor formaldehyde, outdoor pollen and other allergens is much better than that of air purifier.

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