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Sotoule Car Air Purifier--Mobile Oxygen Bar

The haze is coming back again! People have endured a "breathing pain" again. Is the air okay there? Faced with the haze, wear masks when you go out and drive? Is this the rhythm of suffocating people? If the north wind comes, there are the following "bad things" in life, formaldehyde, secondhand smoke, peculiar odor, TVOC. And everywhere are endangering your physical and mental health. Old drivers, Sotoule air purifier to create mobile oxygen bar, escort you, come get it!


Two file regulation 3 layer purification to create mobile oxygen bar.

Sotoule vehicle air purifier has a high and low two-gear adjustable purification mode, the highest grade equivalent to an hour can make the car's air cycle purification nearly 10 times, enough to meet the use of ordinary models. In addition, it carries three layers of high-efficiency filters, among which HEPA filters can effectively remove harmful pollutants including PM2.5, formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites and other harmful pollutants in the air, and create mobile oxygen bar.

When driving, I want to breathe more natural air. Sotoule Vehicle Air Purifier has a built-in negative ion generator. When the negative ions are released at the same time, it can not only increase the oxygen in the vehicle, but also make the air in the vehicle more comfortable and natural, bringing you the feeling of forest after rain. Driving is relaxed, safe and secure.

Small body, big energy, fast purification, clean vehicle air.

This car-mounted air purifier is compact and light, but the area of the air outlet is very sufficient. The super-large air outlet can quickly fill the car with clean air. Whether it is haze or smoke, instantly no trace of low-grade noise is lower than the ordinary voice in the room. It will not distract the driver or affect the driver. In the car conversation, the high grade noise is only about the same as that of the general conversation, and it will not make the people in the car feel very noisy.


In terms of appearance, Sotoule air purifier is generous and beautiful, and can perfectly match any style of car. 1.5 meters of cigar smoke plug line, the car is neat and orderly, showing elegant fashion. Simple operation, long press on and off, automatic opening with the car, easy to use.

Safety is the first priority in driving. Because of the fast speed, it is easy for a driver to be distracted by the shaking of a small item. Therefore, the bottom sucker of Sotoule air purifier has anti-skid design and is firmly fixed in the car without affecting the driver's attention.

Sotoule car air purifier is not only the perfect decoration of your car, but also a car air purifier which can create "your first class air cabin". Your car is worth owning.


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