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Soloute Air Purifier Tells You How Remove Formaldehyde


After the decoration of the new house, there is a bad smell throughout the house, which is a serious manifestation of indoor formaldehyde and other decoration pollution. For this reason, many people will choose to let the new house vacant for a long time. However, in the first six months after new decoration or completion of new buildings, harmful substances are 10-100 times higher than outdoor air. During this period, ventilation and formaldehyde removal will obviously not work. If you want to move into a new house quickly, you need to quickly contaminate it with formaldehyde. On the basis of ventilation, air purification equipment is installed, and the air circulation purification principle of air purifier is used to quickly remove decoration pollution such as formaldehyde on the basis of ventilation.


Chinese car air purifier brand Sotoule, with 15 years of successful technical experience in air pollution control. According to the situation of indoor air pollution in China, HEPA nanotechnology of the sixth generation of thixotropin bacteria is developed. It is a good assistant to remove decoration pollution and various air pollution. Collective photocatalysis and nano-porous high-efficiency activated carbon can absorb, decompose and digest nano-polar harmful gases such as formaldehyde and indoor microbial bacteria, and prevent secondary pollution.

Recently, the China Institute of Household Appliances has conducted a professional test on the Sotoule series air purifier. Ultimately, the excellent test data prove the aldehyde removal effect of air purifier, and highlight the leading aldehyde removal ability of Sotoule air purifier. If formaldehyde is removed completely in the new residence, the air of 100 square rooms can be replaced and purified successfully in 10 minutes.


In addition to the comprehensive purification function, Sotoule air purifier adopts light tone design. It is equipped with Taiwan AVC motor with noise design, multi-wing centrifugal wind wheel, in a first-class mode, it is close to silent, and is very suitable for sleeping with negative ion function. Purify air pollutants at the same time, every second to release tens of millions of healthy negative ions indoors, so that indoor forest, to clean the air for family.


As a high-end quality leader in the air purification industry, external authoritative certification is a globally recognized air purification product that can be purchased safely in the industry. The product sells well in more than 40 countries in the world, America and Southeast Asia, and has been unanimously affirmed by consumers.

Choosing air purifier is to choose healthy, safe and clean air.


Sotoule's 15 years of space net technology accumulation, only for your clean breath every day, peace of mind life.

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