LG Electronics Beauty Apparatus Pra.L was elected as the "2018 Star Brand" Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

LG Electronics Beauty Apparatus Pra.L was elected as the "2018 Star Brand"

LG Electronics'Pra.L.'Was awarded the Star Brand of Beauty Apparatus Unit in the "2018 Star Brand" award held in Korea.


LG Skin Care is a skin care instrument. The series includes three kinds of skin care instruments: DERMA LED MASK (LED mask),'Tightening and Tending Skin Care Instrument'(Elastic Care) and'Ion Skin Care Introduction Instrument' (Promoting Cosmetic Absorption).

LG Electronics, based on excellent hardware manufacturing technology, provides consumers with products with security and functional verification. At the same time, in order to facilitate usability and perfect after-sales service to create a new customer value as the goal.

Because cosmetic instruments are directly used in human body products, LG electronics in the development of the focus on ensuring product safety. For example, in order to prevent the LED glare, the glossy and transparent LED mask is equipped with two safety devices. Applicable to eye protection design, placement of proximity sensors, only when the user fully wears the mask will light up. The part of the ionic skin beauty introducer and tightening and rejuvenating instrument that directly touches the skin uses medical materials that can be transplanted into the human body, and has the function of UV (ultraviolet) lamp, which can be safely preserved after use.

LG Electronics entrusts external professional organizations to verify the safety and function of products through human body application testing. The results of human applicable test for general people show that all the items have substantial skin improvement effect.

'LG Pra.L'is particularly convenient to use. With voice prompt function, even the first use of the product can be easily used. In addition, it can be charged conveniently through the USB interface, and it can be used for a long time with a low power consumption design.

With the increasing demand of consumers who hope to take care of their skin easily and easily at home without the help of experts, the market of home cosmetology is growing rapidly every year.

LG Electronics HE headquarters in charge of the family cosmetology business colleagues said, "We need to accumulate customer trust in the market through safe and functional proven products." At the same time, said that "we will strive to activate the family cosmetology market in the early stage of popularization, seize the opportunity for career growth. "

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